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Be brutally honest with yourself. Your time on earth is limited. Isn’t it time you made the most of it? If you knew you had One Month to Live, you would look at everything from a different perspective. Many of the things you do now that seem so important would immediately become meaningless. You would have total clarity about what matters most and you would drastically alter your life. You wouldn’t leave things unsaid to those people you love. You wouldn’t hesitate to be spontaneous and to risk your heart. You wouldn’t wait until tomorrow to do what you know you need to do today. The way you lived that month would be the way you wished you would have lived your whole life. 

You are welcome to spend the next several weeks being challenged to live life as if you had One Month to Live – challenged to spend your days differently - in special ways unique to you - and at the same time live a more fulfilling life that will leave an enduring legacy for all eternity. (From the book by the same title - Kerry & Chris Shook)